Shoreline Presents….

In the past month Shoreline has presented at a number of industry conferences across a range of topics.

Managing Director, John DiBiase recently spoke at the IDT Summit on Investment Data & Technology in Sydney. John spoke on the topic of investment data governance highlighting the increasing complexity of investment data given more complex investment products, increasing regulatory and client demands for enhanced reporting, cost pressures, and the use of advanced / disruptive technologies such as AI. His key message was to ensure a continued focus on building and maintained data management fundamentals including executive buy-in, a right-sized data governance framework, and a fit-for-purpose data architecture.

Meanwhile, Associate Director, Dale Rowley presented at the IBR conference on Superfund Technology, Innovations & Disruption in Melbourne. Dale spoke on the subject of fostering effective partnerships and collaboration with service providers, and brought to light Shoreline’s viewpoint in relation to continued operating model evolution and the ability for asset owners to leverage service provider’s investment in technology.

These presentations show the depth of Shoreline’s industry expertise and ability to stay at the forefront of cutting edge industry issues. If you are interested in learning more about either of these topics please contact either John or Dale.

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