Getting value from Investment Data Management

This is an excerpt from a recent presentation by Shoreline Data Governance Consultant, Vanessa Garbutt.

Getting Value from Investment Data Management

The Data Governance function is critical for any organisation to increase the value gained by the efficient and effective use of its data. Data based decisions are required in many roles, and Investment Teams know too well how critical accurate and timely data is for their productivity and alpha generation. For too long, data governance has been seen as a compliance requirement, and a natural conflict has arisen between the need for accurate data investment teams can trust, and the time and cost associated with creating it. Many spreadsheets exist that perform modelling outside of company systems for this reason. Investment Teams put in work arounds to enable them to work, and inefficiency and rework causes frustration to already time-poor staff. So how do Asset Managers make the necessary changes that meet Investment Teams needs? By investing in their Investment Data Management capability.

The case for investing in Investment Data Management

Aside from regulatory and reputational risks driving the need for Investment Data Management, the most compelling case is that of turning data into a strategic asset. Changes linked to measurable business outcomes are essential, and that is why we recommend starting with the business. What strategic objectives are they trying to meet? What is in the way? What would it be like for the team or organisation if those obstacles could be removed? Once that is known, the case for improving the Data Governance Capability becomes clear.

Need some help?

Talk to Shoreline about Investment Data Management. We can help with your business case, assessing your current capability, and also in targeting a capability uplift through identifying and prioritising changes. We are experts in the Asset Management industry, and can apply our industry knowledge and data governance domain expertise to solve your operational, cultural and technology challenges.

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