Risk and Performance Reporting

Improving investment risk and performance reporting to meet the evolving needs of both investment teams and clients.

Why is it important for our clients?

Across the industry there has been under investment in performance and investment risk systems capabilities.  A lot of core performance and investment risk functions are run off outdated legacy systems and require workarounds to fill gaps increasing the risk of errors and omissions is functional areas where accuracy is paramount.

Investment is required in new and enhanced tools for analytics, performance and attribution, and risk analytics to support the investment process, internal governance, and meet increasing demands of regulators and clients.

Asset Owners in particular are investing in whole of fund reporting and enhanced risk analytics to get a consolidated view across all asset classes and managers on a rolled up and look through basis. The whole of fund and risk reporting requires uplifted data and systems capability to aggregate risk / other data from multiple managers, and source and stitch together look through data for both internal and externally managed portfolios.

Shoreline believes:

  • That system selection is not a one size fits all approach. Different performance analytics and risk management systems have different strengths and weaknesses.
  • That performance and investment risk means different things to different areas of an organisation.
  • The performance and investment risk management framework should reflect this and fit within the operating model.

How can Shoreline help?

Data Management and Controls: Clients are under pressure to simultaneously account for portfolio, liquidity, counterparty, regulatory, and operational risk. To manoeuvre these complexities, you need to be equipped with the right toolset and processes to holistically manage risk across the enterprise. We can help you find the right platform and create controlled and transparent processes to keep every type of risk your business faces in check.

Performance and Risk Systems Selection: We understand that for performance and risk systems there is not a one size fits all.  To navigate the vast array of available system solutions we can work with your teams to identify the organisations specific performance and risk requirements. Using those requirements, we can then run a process to identify a solution that best suits your organisation.

Risk Management Framework: We can help you develop your firm-wide performance and risk management framework. Working with your teams we can undertake a review of current performance and investment risk analytics services, processes, and systems and make recommendations for the development of the performance and investment risk management framework.

Working with external data providers, vendors, and stakeholders across your business, we’ll implement your technology with a holistic view of integration within your larger systems and data architecture. Whether you need support for equity, fixed income, or multi-asset attribution, we’ll empower your organisation with the tools they need to make informed investment decisions.