Optimising Transformation Programs

Reducing execution risk and realising business value from asset manager and asset owner transformation programs.

Why is it important for our clients?

The asset management operating environment is challenged by several fundamental drivers – revenue and margin pressures, regulatory change, demographic / social change and new advanced technologies / disruptive entrants. In response, many of our clients are transforming the way they operate and are investing in a range of change initiatives, including;

  • Growth in Alternative & Multi-Asset investment strategies and products
  • Internalising asset management activities
  • Digitising and improving client experience
  • Enhancing Risk and Performance analytics and reporting
  • Improving operational efficiency and scalability
  • Uplifting core investment data management capability
  • Refreshing front and middle office systems

Successfully executing these types of initiatives is a challenge for most organisations – and that challenge goes beyond delivering projects on-time and on-budget. Realising the expected business value from these initiatives can often get lost in the frenzy of activity to simply deliver the project. And the cultural change required to embed the associated business value for the long term is often an afterthought.

Organisations must ensure the delivery capability and governance required to undergo a successful business change program is in place or risk wasted investment, foregone opportunity, and reduced competitiveness.

How can Shoreline help?

  • Program Management and Leadership: Large business transformations will require strong leadership to sustain and drive the cultural change. You need partners with the discipline to stick to your strategy. Whether you’re delivering a global transformation program or one-off project, our consultants have the experience to get you through these challenges.
  • Leverage deep program and domain experience: Our consultants have worked in all aspects of investment management technology and operations—from leading internal initiatives at some of the world’s leading asset management firms to on-the-ground operations. By working with an experienced team, you gain the insight of both project experience and a nuanced understanding of your milestones and needs.
  • Transformation Planning and Design: Develop next level / detailed architecture design and program planning including scope / initiative charters and detailed initiative estimates and resourcing requirements.
  • Program Governance: Set up a transformation steering committee to provide ongoing governance of the transformation program, including decisions on scope and priority, timeline, execution and operational risk management, and budget.
  • PMO Setup: Build a dedicated project delivery capability to manage and coordinate all essential change. This includes enforcing key project governance, processes, artefacts and methodologies.
  • Change Management: Develop organisational change management capability and maintain over the life of the transformation – to reduce risk and ensure value is delivered. This includes strong support and communication from the leadership team.