Next Generation Operating Models

Uplifting your operating model to address increasingly complex investment activities and to scale for future growth.

Why is it important for our clients?

Defining and implementing a ‘Target Operating Model’ (TOM) has been a well trodden path for the last 15 years. Taking a strategic approach to operating model design promotes executive buy-in and should ensure projects are aligned towards a common outcome. However, the empirical experience of firms who have gone down the TOM path is mixed. In many cases the expected benefits of a TOM have not been realised and the lasting reminder is often a protracted and expensive implementation that distracted the business from its day-to-day operations.

Recognising these pitfalls, our clients are increasingly seeking a pragmatic and flexible approach to TOM design that delivers incremental benefits, avoids ‘big bang’ and expensive implementations, and can adapt for changes in business strategy, technology and market conditions.

In addition, our clients are seeking to improve their operational capability to adapt to changes in business and investment strategy. The growth of alternatives and evolution of investment product structures have forced changes on operating models orientated towards traditional asset classes and vanilla ‘pre packaged’ product structures such as managed funds.

How can Shoreline help?

  • Strategy and Options Assessment: A successful TOM design starts with understanding the business and investment strategy and selecting the right operating model to meet these needs.  We can help you understand the operational and IT implications of your strategy and provide you with real world options that consider how to best arrange your business functions and
  • TOM Design: Getting the balance right between planned and agile design is the cornerstone of a successful TOM initiative. Using our experience of designing TOM’s for in excess of 30 organisations in Asia-Pacific we have first hand experience to ensure your TOM provides the true operational blueprint for your firm.  Our structured methodology promotes inclusiveness of decision making and transfer of knowledge from us to you.
  • TOM Roadmap: A TOM is only useful if you have a plan to implement. We can help you devise a roadmap that promotes incremental delivery, avoids ‘big bang’ implementations and enables changes when technology, market or changed business priorities require it.