Investment Data Management Strategy and Design

Providing trusted and fit-for-purpose data to deliver improved investment and client servicing outcomes.

Why is it important for our clients?

Uplifting a firms investment data management capability consistently ranks as a key strategic objective for many of our clients. This is due to:

Increasing complexity of investment processes is driving the need for improved access to the right data, at the right time to make informed investment decisions. Traditional operating model and technology solutions have failed to keep pace with this requirement, creating ‘cottage industries’ of data management capabilities across the firm. Having up to 50% of people across the firm performing some form of data management as part of their day job is not an unusual occurrence.

Regulators are imposing ever more onerous reporting requirements, often involving analysis of opaque instruments such as alternative assets. This requires firms to report on data that is often difficult to obtain, unstructured and difficult to interpret.

To service increasingly savvy clients, investment organisations have to shift from traditional client reporting to delivering client insight; how and when the client requires it.  This requires access to new data about the clients investments, benchmarks and related market data. A shift to a client self service model requires data to be near real-time so as to reflect the true state of affairs of a clients portfolio.

To scale for growth, firms need to maximise efficiency and utilisation of existing resources. Current data management practices are a key point of inefficiency. Defining and implementing an investment data management uplift strategy can materially free up capacity and allow people to focus on their core capabilities.

How can Shoreline help?

We can help you articulate, design and implement your investment data management uplift strategy.  We have first hand knowledge of market leading practices, service provider and IT vendor capabilities. Leveraging this knowledge can help you deliver the intended outcomes whilst being practical, pragmatic and implementable.

  • Data Governance: Even the best data architecture is ineffective without a strong governance program. You need a sustainable and flexible data governance model in place to promote data stewardship and data control processes at all levels of your organization.
  • Data Architecture: Our thorough familiarity with the data vendor universe provides a clear line of sight into your options. Drawing on our deep technical knowledge of implementation and integration for disparate systems, we’ll work together to build the best foundation for data-driven business decisions.
  • Investment Data Management: We can help bring consistency to your data and reduce the need for interpretation. A higher level of data quality for investment decision making using persisting positions in the order management system and reconciling to the middle office is an increasing requirement. We have helped clients mitigate their operational risk and increase trust in data through our vast experience with major data management players.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Transforming big data into actionable intelligence requires unique insight on how your data sources fit into the big picture. We’ll help you cut through complexity to integrate your data at the enterprise level, empowering you to tap into new insights across the front, middle, and back office. From easing the burden on compliance and regulations, to providing necessary risk modeling, our consultants are experienced in business intelligence strategy and hands-on program delivery.

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