Front Office Solutions

Implementing a best-of-breed or single integrated platform to meet the diverse needs of your front office.

Why is it important for our clients?

For asset managers and asset owners to successfully support their investment teams, providing the right investment tools to fit the variety of current and evolving future needs is becoming more challenging.

Achieving best fit for firms managing a range of asset classes, including Alternatives and Multi Asset, can lead to sourcing asset-class specific solutions. Cost pressures and a desire to reduce operational risk and complexity challenge this best-of-breed approach, forcing a trade-off conversation on a single front-to-middle office solution.

The implications of this decision go beyond the front office and impact the broader operating model of the organisation – whether by deliberate pre-planning or as an unintended consequence post implementation.

Agreeing on the right-fit approach that balances the needs of the organisation and then selecting the trusted vendor(s) to realise the approach is tricky.  The landscape of vendors and products combined with the complexity of the solution space often make it difficult for asset managers and owners to differentiate solutions. Given the expense and organisational disruption of selecting and implementing these types of system, a mis-aligned decision can have significant and far reaching ramifications.

How can Shoreline help?

  • Solution & Service Provider Selection: Firms must invest significant time, effort, and resources when conducting a successful solution and service provider search. An additional item to consider as you undertake a search is that contracts in this space are typically 5–7 years in length. Therefore, choosing the wrong solution will become both lengthy and costly.
  • Platform Architecture: Our experience and insight helps our clients solve front office platform architecture challenges. We help weigh up the merits of enterprise, best-of-breed, and hybrid solutions. From short due diligence projects to long-term global implementation programmes, we can help you manage every aspect of your front office.
  • Front Office Operating Model: Our experts help you navigate vendors and platforms to create a highly effective front office operating model that keeps costs down and makes the most of your data. We have extensive experience in facilitating enterprise data management principles and designs, centralising external and internal data coverage.