Case Study: Growth & Distribution Strategy Development

Client Challenge

A custody client that had undergone significant growth through the take-on of new clients wanted to identify new business opportunities to enable it to further increase scale and capture market share while diversifying its client base. To assist it in achieving its growth objectives the client engaged Shoreline to identify new market opportunities, including new target client segments and product expansion opportunities, and develop a growth and distribution strategy to take advantage of these opportunities.

Shoreline Approach

Key activities:

  • Client Positioning: Using a number of strategic frameworks, Shoreline conducted workshops with senior management to further understand the client’s sources of competitive advantage, current market positioning and areas of potential opportunity
  • Market Analysis & Segmentation: Leveraging its proprietary industry analysis, Shoreline sized the market and identified two key client segments for in-depth focus
  • Target Client Identification: Based on industry intelligence, further analysis was undertaken to identify and profile key target clients in each client segment
  • Value Proposition & Collateral Development: Working with senior management, Shoreline helped refine the client value proposition and developed supporting marketing collateral to be used to support the distribution strategy
  • Distribution & Engagement Strategy: Based on the analysis undertaken Shoreline developed a detailed client-level engagement strategy for each client segment taking into account the different client needs in each segment

Results and Client Benefits

The client received a detailed, analysis-based distribution strategy, together with a supporting engagement plan focussed on key target clients which provided a clear path to action.

At the completion of the engagement Shoreline presented on the distribution strategy and the options for the growth of the business to the client’s Board for its ratification.

Shoreline was able to deliver the following key benefits:

  • Shoreline’s proprietary market analysis was able to identify and size areas of opportunity for the client including target client segments and key target clients
  • Shoreline’s cross-industry expertise provided independent insights and an holistic approach to strategy development across custody, platforms and wealth management
  • The market analysis undertaken identified a limited number of high potential strategic partners for the client to commence discussions with
  • The detailed engagement plan enabled the client to commence targeted sales activity on high potential clients immediately
  • Shoreline produced refreshed marketing collateral which reflected the client’s refined value proposition and clearly articulated its key differentiators. This material has assisted with the engagement of target clients as well as the retention of existing clients
  • With the backing of the Board, the distribution strategy was a key input into the organisation’s subsequent merger and acquisition activities

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