Solution & Service Provider Selection

Extensive experience in solution and service provider selection combined with our in-depth understanding of investment management operating models and IT platforms uniquely positions us to assist clients to select the most appropriate solution to support their needs.

Our established vendor selection process, together with our knowledge of service providers and industry-specific solutions enables us to efficiently conduct selection processes while retaining independence.

What we do

Applying our deep investment industry experience and knowledge of service providers and investment management solutions. We assist clients investment staff, project teams, C-suite and boards to:

  • Define the selection method and criteria
  • Provide direction on requirements gathering and supplementing functional and non-functional requirements as needed
  • Prepare RFP documents and manage the vendor response process
  • Facilitate the RFP review and scoring process to enable a preferred vendor/service provider to be selected

Reach out to see how we can help with –

  • Finding the best portfolio management solution for your front and middle office
  • Assessing what investment data management solution might fit the needs of your business
  • Assessing what investment management systems best support multi-asset, multi-manager and alternative investments
  • Whether a best-of-breed or single integrated platform will best meet the diverse needs of your front office