Data & Analytics

Shoreline believes that strategic data management is the key to asset managers gaining a competitive advantage. Data requirements are increasing as asset managers and asset owners take on more specialty assets. Clients demand better and faster reporting. While regulators increase their demands for greater transparency and volume of information.

Getting data management right is required for an investment firm in today’s environment. Robust data architectures and delivery are important, but effective governance and stewardship are critical to getting it right.

What we do

  • Leverage our deep knowledge in Enterprise Data Management platforms and solutions
  • Provide the framework to improve investment data; to make better investment decisions
  • Ensure trusted and fit-for-purpose data; to enhance investment decisioning and improve client servicing
  • Assist in extracting more value from existing data assets
  • Operationalise data governance to improve data quality
  • Provide guidance on how to manage Alternatives data
  • Assist asset managers and asset owners to enhance investment decisioning through improved data and analytics

Reach out to see how we can help with –

  • Investment data management strategy and solution design
  • Data governance framework design and implementation
  • Data management and warehousing solutions
  • Data management functional design, data model definition & data architecture
  • Data and analytics and business intelligence solution design
  • Using artificial intelligence as part of the investment process