Our Capabilities

Leveraging our expertise, we help asset and wealth managers anticipate and adapt to rapid change in the face of regulatory, customer, operating model and distribution disruption.

We provide market, operations, and technology expertise to some of the world’s leading asset and wealth managers.

Asset Management

Asset Management firms face a future in which change is accelerating. In response, asset managers now need to strengthen their operating models to improve the robustness of investment risk management, attribution and portfolio construction.

Sustained competitive pressures are eroding margins, driving requirements for process automation and a predisposition towards outsourcing. In response, technology has been placed in a reactive context, with firms attempting to marshal technology to capture efficiencies in the face of legacy issues.

Moving forward, success will be realised by those businesses that are able to evolve and adapt technology strategies and skills to keep up with the rate of change.

Our Experience

Our unparalleled understanding of asset management operating models, technology solutions and service providers has allowed us to assist both managers and their firms to develop fit-for-purpose operating models that can compete effectively in their market.

Wealth Management

With dramatic, fast-paced change driven by regulation, consumer behaviour, technology and new areas of competition, successful wealth managers will meet the scale and speed of change with an agile and flexible approach to business.

The need to support tailored, customer-centric offerings while continuing to drive efficiency and productivity improvements to maintain margins has become a core expectation of wealth managers and their firms.

Organisations that successfully deliver personalised and relevant products and experiences to customers will need to revisit their business models in order to form deeper, closer and more profitable relationships with their customers.

Our Experience

We work closely with Wealth Managers to meet change head on. Globally connected, our capabilities in the domains of regulatory, customer, operating model and distribution allow us to predict and adapt to rapid change – anticipating and managing changes and challenges at all levels, from the departmental to the enterprise.