Use of AI in Asset Management – 2019 Survey Results

We have completed our Artificial Intelligence usage survey for 2019. The survey is designed to be an indicator of how far the asset management industry is progressing with its AI journey. We have carefully collected data across a range of firms to check the actual use of and attitude towards AI.

Our survey responses come from 48 asset management firms operating across markets in Australia, NZ and Asia, up from 38 in 2018.

Participating firms include asset managers ranging from global players down to boutiques, sovereign wealth funds, pension / superannuation funds, and insurance firms.

Survey respondents have included a mix of Chief Investment Officer’s, Portfolio Managers, Chief Operating Officer’s, Technology Leaders, and Data Specialists.

Headline results: 

  • AI hype is fading, with the role of AI shifting from transformational in 2018 to just another technology choice in this year’s survey.
  • AI use is increasing, with 36% of firms using AI – up from 30% last year.
  • Investment in the front office is the priority and has increased from 2018.
  • Alpha enhancement and efficiency gains are the two clear benefits drivers.

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